Burgener's Woodworking, INc

Custom Casework & Millwork Manufacturing


Family owned and operated since 1971.

Burgener's Woodworking, inc. was founded in a heritage of quality, value engineering and workmanship. We specialize in custom woodwork that demands fast and excellent service, attention to detail, and unsurpassed workmanship.



4809 NW Fruit Valley Rd Vancouver WA, 98660


(360) 694-9408


Areas of Specialty 


Burgener's Woodworking production methods have allowed us to work with jobs at every size. We specialize in the Woodmaster CNC, Computerized Beamsaw, and Blind Dado Construction. Our methods allow us to handle large productions quickly and accurately without sacrificing declination woods or veneers.


With our state of the art facilities, we are expereinced in many customization methods for our clients. We are able to achieve high consistancy in our casework machining that is able, but not limited too; cutting, routing, drilling, radius work, and irragualr shapes/pattern forming.


Our execution of material consists of feild measuring, installation, adjustments and cleaning to give you the best final product possible.